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Antonio Forcione & Sabina Sciubba "Meet Me In London" (1997)

01.Visions /Stevie Wonder/ (5:54)
02.Take Five /Paul Desmond/ (3:28)
03.Caruso /Lucio Dalla/ (5:18)
04.Why Can't We Live Together? /Timmy Thomas/ (5:43)
05.Night Train /Sabina Sciubba/Antonio Forcione/ (5:04)
06.Could You Believe? /Al Jarreau/ (4:42)
07.When We Two Parted /Byron/Sciubba/Forcione (5:37)
08.Brasilico /Antonio Forcione/ (6:32)
09.Estate /Bruno Martino/Bruno Brighetti/ (5:15)
Total Time: (47:37)

Arranged and produced by Antonio Forcione

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Antonio Forcione & Sabina Sciubba
"Meet Me In London"

Sabina Sciubba has a warm voice and guitarist Antonio Forcione is a sympathetic accompanist who often challenges her. The duo, which is often joined by bassist Davide Mantovani and occasionally a few other musicians, performs atmospheric music that includes "Take Five," Al Jarreau's "Could You Believe," "Estate," some folk music and a few originals. Sciubba's versatile, mature, strong and sometimes-haunting voice makes this a disc worth searching for; she is a name that should be remembered.

by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Antonio and Sabina put a fascinating spin on a collection of jazz standards, rearranged pop classics, and some enchanting new compositions to deliver a disc that provides a rare blend of pure magic and undiluted genius...

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